The Team

  • Jessica K. Heltzel rallies around parades, west-coast livin', and the Kenosha Kickers.
  • Tim Hoover roots for humble manifestos, sleeping under the stars, and Pennsylvania.
  • Eric R. Mortensen champions root beer floats, Minnesota lakes, and Soviet space dogs.

Contact Us

If you have general questions, are interested in selling our pennants in your store, or would like to interview us, please email us at:

  • Read Much

Read Much

by The Heads of State

Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers run the full-service design and illustration studio The Heads of State. It's a mom and pop design shop. A garage band agency. A startup that's been around for years. They make posters, books, illustrations, and identities—and most of all, ideas.

"Read Much. Read Much? It's a statement and a question. We're bombarded by 140 characters on a retina displays, endless threads on behemoth desktop monitors, and our nightly overdose on the 54" LCD LED only to wake up and do it all over again. After all this noise the only thing I care to do is turn to a book. And no no, not a Kindle, hell no not a Nook, the tried and true paperback. Dog eared, broken spines and all. Read Much."

- The Heads of State


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